Our Services

SAFH  capacity of services includes medical, dental, vision, and behavioral health care provided through the support of licensed professionals and other dedicated volunteers. The hours of service are determined by the availability of our volunteer healthcare professionals, but generally the clinic will be open to patients from Monday through Saturday once all clinics are in operation. Other days and times are offered as providers are available. All patient visits are scheduled by appointment only. The clinic is always looking for better ways to serve the residents, families, and children who come into the office looking for care. Patients who require specialty care are referred to doctors in the community who provide no-cost or low-cost services to our patients.

We welcome all new patients, young and old, to the practice. The clinic also accepts uninsured and under-insured.


  • Physical Examinations
  • Treatment of minor illness
  • Management of chronic conditions
  • Annual School Health Evaluations


Online urgent care at SAFH is easier and cheaper than in-person urgent care. Your online urgent care doctor will provide you with a diagnosis, personalized care plan, and prescription. Book your urgent care appointment today.

Connect to a doctor in minutes by phone or video

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We can send prescriptions to any local pharmacy.

Access to U.S.-licensed doctor/ Nurse by phone or video

Our doctors diagnose, treat, and prescribe medication when needed

Quality care from wherever you are

  1. Access to U.S.-licensed doctors to scheduled appointment
  2. Connect by phone, web or app from anywhere
  3. Get medical treatment for non-emergency conditions

I can talk to a doctor from anywhere. Whether I’m at home, or in the office, or even in the car driving my kids around… Teladoc is a huge help!


SAFH Community Initiative

At SAFH, we want to promote a community where all individuals and families are able to live safe, healthy, and happy lives. In an effort to promote our programs and services more, we partner with different organizations in the community and we are proud to launch our SAFH Community Initiative program. This program is designed to educate the members of our community, to provide them with healthy lifestyle tips, and more.




We can provide wide range of primary dental care for adults and children’s.

We can offers low-cost dental options for patients who are under-insured. We practice a wide scope of general dentistry. We can give you a smile you’re happy to show off using services including, but not limited to:

  • Complete exams
  • X-rays
  • Cleanings
  • Fillings
  • Sealants
  • Extractions

We can also handle dental emergencies such as a chipped or fracture and lost tooth.


We can provide the eye examination consists of an external examination, followed by specific tests for visual acuity, pupil function, extraocular muscle mobility, visual fields, intraocular pressure, and ophthalmoscopy through a dilated pupil.

  • Eye exams – Only No Contacts Lens
  • Computerized visual field analysis

Referral For:

l: Cataract Surgery
2: Glaucoma
3: Macular Degeneration
4:Diabetic Retinopathy

340B Program (Pharmacy)

The 340B Program (340B Drug Pricing Program) was established in an effort to provide access to affordable medications and to provide discounts on outpatient prescription drugs for eligible healthcare organizations. At SA Foundation for Humanity Clinic, we are part of the 340B Program which allows us to serve patients that might not otherwise receive their medications and care.

Medication Assistance Program

At SAFH we want to offer you through these programs, with the assistance you need with your medication. This is an important service that ensures you are taking your meds religiously to improve your health. This program can provide you with reminders, we can help organize your meds for you, and we can also help you take/administer them.

When you are looking for a way to improve your health, our medication assistance program can provide the support you need. Medications should not have to be a hassle to take and we are here to ensure that they are as convenient as possible for you.